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Mission Statement

“Providing everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues”.

Content / scope

The Aviation Safety Network is a private, independent initiative founded in 1996. On line since January 1996, the Aviation Safety Network covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets.
The ASN Safety Database contains detailed descriptions of over 10,700 incidents, hijackings and accidents.


Most of the information contained in the Aviation Safety Network site is based on information from official sources (authorities, safety boards).
Sources used as a basis for the accident database are aircraft production lists, ICAO Aircraft Accident Digests since 1952, and NTSB, TSB etc.
For a specific list of publications used, check out the references list.


Harro Ranter (1972, the Netherlands) is founder and director of the Aviation Safety Network.

Harro started gathering information on aircraft accidents in 1983 and appeared in the Dutch national press after completing a book, covering over 1000 accidents in the summer of 1985. Online since 1995, Harro started the Aviation Safety Network on the Internet in January 1996.
Harro graduated as information specialist in 1995 and worked for the Dutch government ever since. He worked at the Dutch Aeronautical Inspection Directorate as an information specialist for over 2 years and now works as senior knowledge advisor for the Dutch government.
Much of his spare time is devoted to the Aviation Safety Network website and writing articles for aviation magazines.

Fabian I. Lujan born April 5th, 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina son of an active airman, who was the founder of the Antartic Base Marambia in 1969 and he also took part of the Falklands conflict in 1982.
The aircraft were his life ever since, and now the aircraft accidents are the main reason he´s working with Harro Ranter.
He joined the Aviation Safety Web Pages in August 1998, with the priority of helping Harro to give the best coverage, updated and accurate information and reports on airliners accidents.
Some of the graphics were designed by him.
His primary mission is to keep the site working fine, checking the integrity and answering emails related to internet or the pages itself.

Presently over 9900 people from 170 different countries are subscribed to the Accident Digest e-mail service. The ASN website receives approx. 50,000 visit per week.


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