Install BigBlueButton- video conferencing

Installation BigBlueButton with a single command on a Ubuntu 16 OS:

If you want to set up BigBlueButton 2.2 with a TLS/SSL certificate and GreenLight, you can do this all with a single command:

wget -qO- | bash -s -- -v xenial-22 -s -e -g

Troubleshoot after installation:

Greenlight not running

If on first install Greenlight gives you a 500 error when accessing it, you can restart Greenlight.

Tomcat7 not running

If on the initial install you see

# Not running: tomcat7 or grails LibreOffice

just run

sudo bbb-conf --check

Tomcat7 may take a bit longer to start up and isn’t running the first time you run

sudo bbb-conf --check



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